Welcome to Ewing Music-Tulsa

For 30 years now Ewing Music has been a major player in the sale of guitars and other instruments. We carry them all, Fender, Epiphone, Gibson, Ovation, Ibanez, Schecter, Jay Terser, Hohner, Jackson, Deering Banjos and more. Les Ewing provides service like no one else can. Ewing Music has a huge selection of Guitars at prices that are some of the lowest in the US.

Ewing Music stocks thousands of song books and sheet music of just about any song, group or type of music you may want. Our stock covers almost 100 years with artist from Frank Sinatra to Taylor Swift we have it all.

We are the largest supplier of Karaoke music you will find anywhere. If you need the latest CD’s or old classics Ewing Music has it all. CD’s, Cassettes or if you have a song that needs to have the vocals removed we can do it for you.


Our site is NEW but our name, selection, prices and experience is not. Visit us for all your music needs. You will soon see that we care about you. Visit this site often as it unfolds with lots of great guitars, deals and lots of fun stuff for you.

Have a question give us a call for personalized service 918-622-4077